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Although I am not as active on Kiki Time yet, it is still a nice site, a little like Medium where you can write whatever you want, but it doesn’t pay as well as Medium does. However, it is starting to grow on me because of how much it is growing and how many good changes they are making over there. In fact, after I am done writing here tonight, I think I will go over there and write a little. It has been a while.
Although it has been a while since I have posted anything at Kiki Time, the marketing manager, who interviewed me about a week ago, just told me the other day on Skype that my page is in the top 75 of pages on there. I am number 63. Yes, you can earn money at Kiki Time by creating your own page and posting in it or posting in other people’s pages. However, you earn more by posting on your own page, of course.
When I first got accepted to Kiki Time, I applied for it after finding the ad on Craigslist, you only had the option of creating your own posts on the app on your phone. However, today, they announced that they now have the website ready to where you can post on it too. This is mostly for those of us who prefer being on the computer posting to a website or publication.
So far, I have only earned about $6 and some change but $5 of that is automatically given to you when signing up. So, in reality, I have only earned a little over $1. However, I only have like three posts on the site too. I am going to commit to writing at least one new post per day. Now, since they are making changes, you are only allowed to post up to five posts per day. I am going to try for one per day starting officially tonight but it will be late tonight so technically tomorrow. Once I gain a momentum of that, I will increase it to two posts per day and then three per day. I will stop after that because I am going to definitely be busy for a while. Why is that?
I am going to be busy for a little while because I found a writing job to replace Hubshout. I was hired today but I don’t start writing the articles tomorrow when my new client is sending me the information I need to get started. I also have a chance with another client and did a paid test article today. I should find out about the second one tomorrow. I have to take on these clients until Medium and Kiki Time start paying off for me. And the articles or stories aren’t going to write themselves. I have to start writing more for Kiki Time. I already started writing three per day for Medium. This is only my second article so it is going to be pretty late before I get to my last one for tonight, for Medium that is.
Once I do finish this post and the last one, I will head on over to the Kiki Time website and write and publish some new articles over there.
I was interviewed by the marketing manager at Kiki Time about writing in general and about writing for Medium and Kiki Time. I suggested that they lower the pay threshold to at least $50, from $100, to be able to reach payout a little faster and maybe even a little bit easier. Once I made that suggestion to her, Kiki Time made the announcement that they lowered it to $50. Now, I don’t know if my saying that impacted their decision to do this, but it is nice that they did do this.
She also asked me what would make me write for Kiki Time more often and I said more money, of course, and to always be able to write about whatever I want. We were already able to do that. So, they have also made the announcement that those who create posts within our pages will earn us money too. This is another great improvement for Kiki Time.
Here is my page on Kiki Time that I created the day I joined. Feel free to post in it create your own page. Either way, you will earn money there and I think you will like it. It has sure grown on me since they made the improvements.

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