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Most Bitcoin users may find it very difficult to buy or sell Bitcoin due to the complexity of activating the account before buying or selling Bitcoin and asking frequently to upload documents and these documents must be in English, and there are often sites that take your money.

the solution is paxful.

Is an excellent service to sell or buy Bitcoin in exchange for a bank transfer or transfer to another electronic bank and many options you discover after registration



How does the site work? How to register and so on...

The site is not the one who sells or buys but people like you who sell and buy and the site is brokering to ensure the right of both parties so consider it the best in terms of everything price and speed.

you can sign up here -->

1-After accessing the site we open a new account create account

Then enter all your information to open an account

Before selling or buying, you should only check your email and phone number. Some sellers ask for confirmation of identity, but the majority do not.

after that you can choose between buy bitcoin
or spend bitcoin

And you also have the option to bid at the price you want and wait for legislators by create an offer

to deposit or withdraw go to  wallet

You find the option to send Bitcoin to another wallet and a wallet for your receiving account

مimportant mark: you must choose trusted buyer who have good ratings...

The website is simple and very reliable and I have dealt many times in it
So if you have a query you can contact the site support or here in the topic I can help you.

Source: Bitcointalk

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