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faucetcrypto is a faucet that allows you to make claims every 20 minutes. Each claim currently earns the equivalent of 6 satoshis. It is also possible to earn more with shortlinks (which waste time in my opinion). There are achievements to achieve (number of claims or shortlinks viewed) that allow you to have an extra bonus.
Each claim improves the user-related bonus, which gradually improves the winnings.
Withdrawal is done almost instantly to the address provided (there is a max per day) and the faucet invites the user to make frequent withdrawals. The BTC, BCH and ETH are disabled but it is possible to make withdrawals in the following corners:
- Blackcoin
- Bitcore
- Dash
- Digibyte
- Dogecoin
- Ethereum Classic
- Komodo
- Litecoin
- Niobio Cash
- Reddcoin
- Ravencoin
- Stratis
- Tron

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