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NichanRating is a website, it’s one of the social media, we created this website on 25 November 2017, it’s allowed you to added any website for reviewing or sharing your opinion on the website.

It's a page presenting a website, as well as its users opinion.

it is a star rating from 1 to 5 stars.

When you follow a review, you will see updates from that review in News Feed.

To like or follow a review:

Go to the review.

Then click Like and Follow.

It's a comment given by a member about a review.

We have on our website, 5 different status while making a review, the default standing is « new », you can change your status to « promising » or « legit » only if you get a positive opinion and proofs of payment. otherwise, the standing becomes « scam » or « closed » , the "new" standing might also mean the review has no opinion or that the opinions are mixed.

In your profile you can share what you want, such as photos and interests, your profile also includes your timeline, where you can see your posts.

1. Click  at the top right of NichanRating.

2. Click Settings, then click on the setting you'd like to update from the options in the right sidebar.

General: Edit the basics like username, firstname, lastname, or email...

Password: Change your password.

Click and choose an image.

You can like or follow a Review to get proofs of payment or opinions from the site or application. Anyone with a NichanRating account can create a review.

1 Log in to your account.

3 Write Site name and choose a category, website URL.
4 Click Continue.
5 Fill out the required information and click Send.

Before adding a review, please verify that it not ever exists. Use our search. All duplicate reviews will be deleted.

We are refusing:
Sites that do not match the selected category.
In the description we reject (copy / paste). The description should be as unique as possible.

1 Go to
2 Click to .
3 Edit information and click Update.

1 Log in to your account.
2 Go on the Review.
3 Write a post or upload proof of payment at the bottom of the Review.
4 Click Share.

Note: referral links are not allowed in review posts.